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Our Process

The Design Process

On average, 60% of our orders are processed using our design automation technology, which sends a proof for the order in 2-3 hours. The other 40% require some designer involvement and take a little longer.

We queue orders for our designers in the order they are received and typically are able to respond within 24-48 hours. So, once your order get into the hands of a designer, it stays at the top of the queue until all design requests have been completed.

Design Approval

Once your design has been completed, we will send you an email with a link to your design approval page.  This page will allow you to approve your design or submit revisions to your design.  When submitting revision, we have found that separating and numbering each change individually works best for our designers. 

Additionally, being very clear about whether the change applies to all designs, in the case of a team order, or to an individual jersey, is very helpful.  Our goal is to get you design approved as fast as we can in a few iteration as possible.

The Manufacturing Process

The majority of orders we receive are customized and/or personalized jerseys and manufactured on demand. So, your jersey is still a piece of white fabric.  It takes 2-3 weeks to print your design, dye the fabric, cut the fabric, sew the jersey together, go through our quality review and packed for shipment.  It will them be sent to our distribution center in Atlanta and mailed to you. 

Our published times for production is 3-4 weeks, just in case we run into problems.  The production time can be sped up using our Priority and Express production options.  These options can reduce your production time to less than a week.

If you need a jersey immediately, we do have some jersey designs in stock.  However, they cannot be customized or personalized.  But, they can be shipped immediately.


We are open for business during the global Covid-19 pandemic. While we can guarantee our effort and the ultimate delivery of your jersey, we can’t guarantee a delay will not be instituted by the government or one of the transport companies. The bottom line; delivery of your jersey may have an unexpected delay, but we guarantee you will receive it. 

Order Status

We have chosen not to fill your inbox up with order status emails.  Instead, we provide you a link, when we notify you that your proof is ready to be approved.  There is a green button at the top right corner of that page that takes you to an order status page.  This page tracks your order through design, manufacturing and shipping. 

If you you cannot find your approval link, you can click here, enter your order number and email address to get to your status page.  This link is also available in the very top menu of in red or in the footer in black, labelled Order Status.



Some of the key steps in our process include:

03. Design 
04. Approval
07. Post Approval Review
08. Pre Production Review
09. Printing and Sublimating
10. Cutting and Sewing
11. Quality Inspection, Packing and Transit to our distribution facility in Atlanta
12. Preparing to Ship
13. Shipped